Carbon Fiber Walking Canes


Carbon Canes * Folding Carbon Canes * Travel Canes

Carbon Canes * Folding Carbon Canes * Travel Canes

Exceptionally lightweight, folding and adjustable carbon canes

FREE-SHIPPING on our line of folding Carbon Fiber Walking Canes. Composite materials such as Carbon Fiber provides the best strength-to-weight ratio for today's modern carbon canes. A folding carbon cane is convenient for travel as it can easily fit into a small bag or large purse. As a travel cane, it is user friendly to operate - just pull and fold! Our carbon canes are available in three different types: folding, adjustable, and fixed-length. Folding carbon canes and adjustable carbon canes can be user-adjusted to a height between 33-inches to 37-inches. Each carbon cane has a comfortable "derby" contoured grip, and a non-slip rubber tip to absorb most shocks (weight limit of 250lbs applies).




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